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Bend Like Bamboo

Journal cover with bamboo artwork
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You never know what's going to come out of an ordinary photo, especially one that is taken for no reason other than to capture spectacular backlighting.

Picture this.

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So, I'm sitting in my livingroom, the curtains are drawn, and I become quite intrigued by some shadows off an outside tree that are leaving their impression on the curtain. Now, It would make sense that I would notice them first, because I love to design motifs, and anytime I get a chance for studying nature in this capacity, I take that chance.


Did I just hear a boo? Who knows, but I sure got the BAM. Wow! The lighting coming through the leaf was so green I couldn't believe it. The vibrancy seemed surreal. Even though I knew the camera couldn't possibly capture that kind of luminosity, it was going to be worth a try anyways.

My attention was now
bent on a leaf.

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I did work with the editing features to see if I could replicate what I had seen with the naked eye, but...just not the exact same green leaf I had experienced.

Then, I felt moved to go in another direction...literally.

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I was swayed some more, and more, and more. Leaves were appearing...

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...and leaves were disappearing until finally, after everything felt like it had been turned around and around in an artistic whirlwind, all swaying came to a stand still to reveal the following:

Bam - boo!

There it was. Who knew that that was calling my attention? And because I was willing to bend and let something else unfold, it seemed only fitting that the official title for it would be: Bend Like Bamboo.

I'll leave it here on its final bow...:-)

That's all for now.

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