• Grey banner. Yellow sun with frown.
  • Grey banner. Yellow sun with smile.

Shine a Smile

Grey journal cover with inspirational saying.

When the skies
are grey.

lightening bolt for animation effect.
Dark grey clouds appearing to rain.

There's grey and then there's grey, and on this day there was a kind of grey that felt like something was just waiting to shake up the entire atmosphere. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but I knew something was up for sure.

And the birds
are grounded.

Two black birds
Blue bird.
Beige bird

Like I said, I didn't know what was up, but when birds start taking cover or begin flocking at ground level, I know there's something about to burst forth besides a little drizzle from rain clouds.

On days like this, I don't feel like doing any outdoors activities. A walk is wet. A bike ride is wet. Even going shopping feels more like a swimming meet - clothes can get soaked just from running between the car and a mall entrance. Not fun.

And indoor activities...well...let's just say on some grey days, I don't feel like doing much of those either. Why bake? Even bread dough is reluctant to rise and shine on days like this. And no amount of proof will change that. ;-)

So, when it feels like there's nothing to do on the outside, and there's nothing to do on the inside, and it's not a good idea to fill my mind with a sulking attitude because of it, there's pretty much only one thing left to do -- get out a journal and let my inner wisdom downpour onto a page some new realizations about my day. Such as the following:

Realization 1:
I'm not in control of the outer weather, however,
I am in control of my inner atmosphere - my mood.

Realization 2:
I'm the master of my frown and I can turn it upside down - back into a smile.

I can shine
a smile.

Yellow sun with a smile.

And raise
a little sun.

Realization 3:
Journalling helps me get my sunny disposition back up.

Realization 4:
Miracles are real - there can be a sun-rise, midday, during a storm...

That's all for now with regards to my inspiriational saying that appears as headers to this page and on the above journal cover.

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