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Pilots Wonder Weather

Ominous clouds in a black and white photo on a journal cover.

"oOh boy, how many planes
are ahead of us?"

I was sitting in an airplane, staring out the window, and counting all the aircraft lined up ahead of us that were also waiting for takeoff. We had finally gotten a window of good weather, and the airport was trying to empty itself of all us stranded passengers. I should’ve been anxious, based on the ominous clouds still lurking in the distance, but I wasn’t. Why not? Well, I believe that pilots won’t even consider flying unless it is safe to do so.

So, at that point I remember thinking, “It must be a constant stress for pilots with the weather always changing on them. I wonder how often they wonder about whether to go or not.” Little did I know, based on that thought, that another one of my mind’s ‘play on words’ was flying around in my imagination and was about to come level with its own horizon — a horizon-tal line that is. Here’s what I wrote down on that line of paper:

“Pilots wonder whether weather to go or not.”

I had a little chuckle with that, closed my book, and promptly forgot about it. I really should have kept my journal open and continued to write out a page of gratitude for all the people involved in getting us traveller’s around the world and safely home. If you really stopped and took count of all the numbers of people, directly and indirectly, involved in making it all happen, from the time you leave your home to the time you arrive back home, it would be staggering. Wow! Something worth appreciating…

As time flew by
my insight was lost in the clouds,
or so thought...

Then one day, I came across a photo that I had taken of some clouds, while vacationing in the desert. To me they were amazing — ominous in fact. As my memory re-surfaced, and I recalled the day when I got the above insight regarding weather, I realized I could put both together. By turning the image into a black and white, its ominous factor would be apparent.

All in all, effective photography to illustrate my little story about how a creative idea flew into my mind and brought me to a new destination for exploring. Safely I might add.

That's all for now.

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