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Scribbling In A Word

ournal cover at I LOVE THAT JOURNAL website represents scribbling can ultimately becomes writing.
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In a word, I'd rather scribble than write.

This is an odd statement to make considering the words scribble and write, basically mean the same thing. Or do they basically mean the same thing? I wonder what a writer and a scribbler would have to say about it if they sat down and discussed this concept.

SCRIBBLER. Why would someone make a difference between scribbling and writing?
WRITER. Because there is a difference.
SCRIBBLER. What makes the difference?
WRITER. A number of things. For starters, scribbling tends to be on a piece of paper that doesn’t have any lines and writing tends to be on lined paper.
SCRIBBLER. So, because I’ve created the following on a blank piece of paper, it’s not writing?

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blank page

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WRITER. No, it’s not writing.
SCRIBBLER. Then, according to your statement, if I scribble on lined paper like I’ve done in the following examples, it would be writing?

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lined pages

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lined pages

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WRITER. It would still be considered scribbling. Now, if you don’t want any of the above illustrations to be called scribbling, perhaps you could call it art — abstract art, but not writing.
SCRIBBLER. Why abstract?
WRITER. Because there isn’t any meaning to it. It’s making and offering an effect, but only through the useage of shapes and forms.
SCRIBBLER. Isn’t that what a word is, just a bunch of shapes alongside each other?

3 lines give the impression of a letter A in order to support a story at I LOVE THAT JOURNAL website.

example of 3 lines giving an impression its a letter

WRITER. But letter shapes have more than a shapely definition, they have a definition.
SCRIBBLER. Who gave them aaaa definition?
WRITER. I don’t know, people from many years ago. The letter ‘A’, for instance, goes back thousands of years.
SCRIBBLER. So someone, thousands of years ago, made a marking, probably in some ‘mud’ or on a cave wall, that looked like 3 lines scribbled together, then defined it as something meaningful, and now we call, ‘A’ a word and not just a bunch of scribbling?
WRITER. Well, if you want to describe it that way, yes.
SCRIBBLER. Speaking of describe, doesn’t the word describe itself just mean, to write it down: de ‘down’ + scribere ‘write’ Technically, it doesn’t say anything about what was written down having to be only words? What if I told you that the pencil that I used in the above illustrations was called a scriber? By definition, a pointed instrument is a scriber, so if someone uses a scriber to write down (describe), aren’t they automatically scribling?
WRITER. You spelt scribling wrong.
WRITER. There’s another ’b’ in scribbling. You would have known that if you paid more attention to words. SCRIBBLER. Very funny. I’m trying to make a point. When one uses a scriber they could be a scribe — a writer. When one uses the same scriber, they could be a scribbler. So, if a writer uses a scriber, is it writing or scribbling?
WRITER. Wow, that’s enough to put one’s thoughts into a scrabble. No wonder you’re all over the place when you use your so called scriber.
SCRIBBLER. Well, not all of us want to stay so constrained in our lines of thought. See what I did there? [winking] Constrained in our lines of thought…
WRITER. Oh boy. Are you done yet?
SCRIBBLER. No, I’ve just scratched the surface.
WRITER. I’d believe that. Isn’t that what scribblers do - scratch the surface.
SCRIBBLER. It’s more than that. Scribbler’s scribbling can be deep.
WRITER. Really?
SCRIBBLER. Really. My work can be moving in more ways than one.
WRITER. Okay, I can give you that.
SCRIBBLER. It can have meaning.
WRITER. Meaning is up for interpretation.
SCRIBBLER. So, you say. Well, here’s something deep for you to think about.
WRITER. You’re not going to wander all over the place again are you?
SCRIBBLER. Why not? Our minds have the freedom to wander? Don’t be so afraid to go beyond what’s familiar to you.

Channeled vibrations example in order to support a story at I LOVE THAT JOURNAL website.
Channeled vibrations second example for supporting a story at I LOVE THAT JOURNAL website.

Examples from my journal. Scribbling or writing?

WRITER. What is this?
SCRIBBLER. I guess it’s whatever you want to define it as. Maybe they’re letters representing a language from a far off land on the other side of the planet or perhaps they’re channeled vibrations from somewhere in deep space. Maybe it’s chicken scratch. Maybe it’s plain old fashion scribbling. But whatever it is, if I pause and just look at the two expressions, they feel like they could be just as meaningful without any of humanity’s familiar definitions, as they could be with them.
WRITER. Interesting. However, at the end of the day, as a writer, I relate to a word.
SCRIBBLER. Perhaps, it’s A Word from the Original Authour .
WRITER. For a scribbler, you sure conjure up some amazing storylines.
SCRIBBLER. Well, imagination has to express its expression regardless of how it expresses it.
WRITER. In a word, you’re right.
SCRIBBLER. You just have to get in the last word don’t you?
WRITER. [smiling]
SCRIBBLER. In conclusion, how about we come together on this?
WRITER. Be my guest. Scribble in a word.
SCRIBBLER. I think I can cover that in the following design.

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I just
need to scribble

WRITER. Well, after all that, your scribbling finally came to the point where you drew to a conclusion something that made sense to me.
SCRIBBLER. I’m glad you approve. The design looks like I’ve now had the last word, but as far as this conversation goes, I’ll let you have it.
WRITER. [smiling] The end.
WRITER. You just had to go and make your mark after my remark, didn’t you?
SCRIBBLER. I don’t know, something moved me to do it… Speaking of which, have you seen this pen quote along these lines?
WRITER. The end, period.
SCRIBBLER. There’s one on that page about how important a period is as well.
WRITER. [thumbs up].

That's all for now.

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