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How the expression of
text moves me.

How does one fill white space, or sometimes in my case, black space? It's not always with a 'picture'. Sometimes, it's with a word or a saying that can convey a meaning? And this is where typography comes in. It's the art of arranging letters or words to be visually appealing while at the same time, express a message full of feeling. This can come in the form of bold block letters or in the style of script where the appearance of handwriting conveys a smooth, endless line of beauty.

Anyhow, I love fonts and I love to use them for their own sake. How you ask? Well, on occasion, I just allow the spirit of typography to whisper in my ear the word 'it' wants to express. Crazy, I know. You'd think it should always be the other way around. Well, if you don't believe me on how influential and persuasive a font can be, then I recommend you watch the documentary by Gary Hustwit, called, "Helvetica". It'll show you another side to which came first: the typeface or the artist. It seems Helvetica was born to give us direction. ;-)

P.S. Here's a fun quote I came up with:

"What is it about a font that draws one in?
It holds the energy of a line's true identity."

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